At some point in time we all have been in a situation where we had to send some data to someone but we couldn’t figure out what’s the best way to send it. Emailing works… for file sizes upto 25 MB. You can put the file into a cloud storage platform like Google Drive or Dropbox, and ask the other person to download it from there. But that is quite inefficient if you just want to share the data with one person. Since we are all working from home, this usecase has become pretty frequent

I too found this issue…

Docker images are very useful for keeping ready to use environments in a container. Instead of going through the hassel of figuring out the dependencies and paths that you need to setup for your system, you can simply pull the docker image of that environment and use it to play around with the tech stack you wanna try. It is pretty convenient, but as a docker image provider, you have a responsibility that can be very inconvenient and that is making sure that your latest tagged image is actually the latest stable version of the packages that your environment is…

Stephen Hawking was arguably one of the finest minds in last century. Born into a family of doctors on 8th Jan, 1942, Stephen faced similar struggles that every student faces in early days of school. He didn’t like teaching methods and wasn’t academically strong in the beginning, but eventually he developed an aptitude towards scientific subjects.

Then he started making exceptional progress. Stephen, against his father’s wishes, studied mathematics instead of medicine. He got a scholarship from Oxford and graduated with first degree honours, even though in his finals he just attempted theoretical physics based questions. Even though he assumed…

In the current scenario, working from home has become a new normal for most of us. Consequently, this has lead to an increase in virtual meetings. Attending these meetings from home can be a pain because of unavoidable noise. Noise cancelling headphones have proven to be an excellent solution to combat this problem. So that’s why I got myself a pair of Sony WH-1000XM4.

The main idea behind noise cancellation headphones is to use mic to detect ambient noise and remove it by producing sound which essentially cancels out the noise. Combined with noise isolation that these headphones provide, the…

Here is a list of key takeaways that I learnt in last two weeks:-

User Stories and Tech Stories:-

The most important step in solving a problem is defining it correctly. Creating user stories from a problem statement is the very first step. The ability to take a problem and break it down to smaller subproblems, then create tech stories to solve all of those sub problems, requires a lot of attention. The tech stories need to be as small and as detailed as possible!

Clean Code:-

Writing code which can be easily understood and contributed to, is not only great for productivity, but it also ensures…

Let’s imagine you have been assigned a task to write a service which takes an input data, let’s say it’s date, and reformats it into a format that you desire and returns the output. Now let’s also imagine that you don’t exactly know how much you need to scale it as it is dependent on some customer action. But you have an idea of the peak demand.

Now you can either go with setting up your deployment infrastructure, running an appropriate server for your code, and pay for handling the peak case, set up monitoring services and so on. But…

An overview of a challenge faced by one of our summer interns, and the road to its eventual solution.

I recently completed an internship at Gojek, and in the time I spent at the company, I got to work on some interesting problems. This blog is an attempt to document one of them.

The challenge: Accomplish a Central Authentication Service (CAS) login, and gain access to an internal website, programmatically.

There were two conditions imposed on us:

- This had to be part of a project written in Golang,

- We could not use anything else except the standard libraries of Golang.

Doing it manually, should have been pretty easy. There was a website, let’s call it, When…

If you are a heavy twitter user you might have noticed that to become popular you need to be constantly be active on the website for long hours. Not everyone has the time to do so on the daily basis. So what is the solution? What if I tell you that it is possible to be active on your favourite website even when you are not even near your computer or your phone and you can write the code for it yourselves. Here is where twitter api comes to our rescue. So this is a three part blog. This is…

Vedarth Sharma

I like solving problems.

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